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What We Do

  1. Identify New Sources of Value: Every project starts by identifying sectors of your organization that could benefit from advanced analytical techniques. We then develop a blueprint based on the opportunities that have been identified and evaluate potential solutions.
  2. Evaluating Data Sources: We work with our clients to evaluate their current data ecosystem and determine where and how data is being aggregated. If additional data sources are available and could provide potential solutions, we will provide a comprehensive overview of how the additional sources will benefit your organization and the resource required to implement this technology.
  3. Generating Insightful Analytics: Working with your team we will implement the best possible solution for your unique situation. This can range from basic modeling and analysis to advanced machine learning. Your team can be as involved as desired or completely hands-off. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients see impactful results that directly benefit your bottom-line.
  4. Turning Insight Into Action: We focus on providing clients with the necessary information to make informed, impactful business decisions based on the solutions we develop. To do this, we will deliver visualizations and executive level summaries that can be updated in real-time to allow ALL stakeholders to understand the data.
  5. Continous Improvement: Throughout the entire process we strive to develop solutions that work seamlessly across your organization. These steps are aimed at delivering a comprehensive analytical approach that can be adopted across the organization and foster innovation.

Featured Projects

Data Lake & Analytics

JDC created enterprise data lake & executive dashboard based utilizing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and API's. Reduced manual data aggregation and reporting by 5 hours per week and increased accuracy of analytics. Data sources refresh daily in Google Big Query and populate executive dashboard with most recent data.


$3.9M in Additional Opportunity via Automation

JDC developed a custom Google App Script to ingest the data from field employees, perform calculations, and automatically generate a quote for the sales rep to share with their clients.

1 extra estimate/day, 5 days/week x 15 employees at an average ticket of $1K = $3.9M in created opportunity.

JavascriptGoogle App ScriptGoogle Data StudioHTML

Dynamic Ad Pricing via Analytics

Client requested a responsive dashboard to identify opportunities for dynamic pricing of advertisements. JDC extracted 10 years of data from the Colorado Department of Transportation. After analysis, peak hours of traffic were determined and allowed the agency to adjust pricing. 3.5% increase in annual revenue.

PythonGoogle Data Studio
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Our Features

Cloud Computing

Leverage the low-cost, scalability of cloud computing to give your organization a technological advantage.


The most popular programming language for data analysis. Let our experts extract, transform, and analyze the data that can help you grow!

Data Visualization

Already got data and need expert level insights?

Database Administration

Tired of using spreadsheets and thumbing through multiple tabs? Upgrade to a relational database system that will allow you to grow without restrictions!


Looking for a great user experience at unparalled speed? Lets talk.

Machine Learning

Deep learning, Nueral Networks, etc.

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